Photoshop Mockup Mastery

Learn Adobe Photoshop basics plus how to use product mockup images to increase sales! | Instructor: Sarah Guilliot

Course description

Learn how to save hours of your time and creative energy by implementing my mock-up process. Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn, plus FAQs further down the page.

Modules 1 and 2:

In these first couple modules you’ll get acquainted with Photoshop tools and learn how to “get around”. Then we get into some image basics and I’ll talk you through what layers are and how they can help you.

Module 3:

When you get to week 3 you’ll be feeling WAY more confident and comfortable with Photoshop, so I’ll take you deeper into how to work with files and images. Oh, and this is the module where I’ll start giving you free stuff (photoshop mockup files that I currently sell in my Creative Market store.) You get those files for FREE in this course!

Module 4:

With all that file practice under your belt, you’ll be well prepared to start digging into smart objects which are the foundation for the BEST Photoshop mockup files. I’ll show you how to use smart objects in files I provide and how to make custom ones for your own photos or stock that you’ve downloaded. It’s like magic, seriously.

Module 5:

I’ll show you how you can turn Photoshop into your own private robot that rockets through tedious steps like copying, pasting, resizing, etc., and churns out final images while you sit back and relax. Then I’ll help you figure out how to organize and plan your Etsy shop images strategically.

Module 6:

Brand new section I just added! I'll teach you how to make textile mockups, using custom baby leggings as an example. You'll discover how to capture the highlights and shadow details on the fabric while changing color and even adding patterned fabric!

Module 7:

In this last module I’ll teach you how to create a workflow system for your image creation. You’ll be amazed how much it helps to have this system in place. Plus I’ll even go over how to create Photoshop templates for your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest images too. After all, you have all these gorgeous product you need to market them!

Module 8:

Bonus lessons :-)


I can just make mockups in PicMonkey or Canva, easy-peasy. Right?

Nope. You really can’t. PicMonkey and Canva are both great tools and I have fun using them for quickie images or photo touch ups, but they don’t have Smart Objects like Photoshop does. And Smart Objects are your secret weapon in the war against TIME SUCK with your image creation.

Mockups sound great, but my designs are in Silhouette Studio. How do I even get them into Photoshop to begin with?

Wonder no longer. I totally cover this in the course! Hint: it’s basically a matter of taking a screenshot of your Silhouette Studio screen and saving it to your desktop. Then you edit it in Photoshop. You can do it! I guide you through it.

I'm not sure if my business is suited to these kind of mockups.

Easy...just email me at and tell me about your biz. I'm happy to take a look and let you know if I think it would benefit you. Some businesses are SO specific and niche that mockups aren't as useful to them. If that's you, I will straight up tell you. I don't want to waste your time or money!

How is this different from just buying a stock photo mockup file online? Why do I need to learn to make my own from scratch?

Here's the deal. There are a lot of really pretty pre-made mockups out there that you can use. I even sell some in my Creative Market shop! And that's fine as long as you don't mind that the shop next to you might be using the very same mockup.

In my course, I provide you with some free mockup files you can work from for starters, but more importantly, I give you the skills to be able to customize those files so they look unique to YOU.

And these design and Photoshop skills allow you to truly infuse your mockup templates with your individual branding. You can make a unique look for your listing images so they are instantly recognizable as yours.

And bonus...knowing Photoshop means ALL your graphic design needs are easier. You can whip up line sheets, or Pinterest graphics, or edit your Instagram photos, or create blog imagery with ease all on your own. No need to hire a designer.

I don't understand why I wouldn't just take my own photos. Isn't learning a program way more time-consuming and difficult than snapping a few pics?

Hey you know, for some businesses, straight-up photography with lighting, done by a pro might be the best choice (and if you are unsure, email me and I’ll give it to you straight!). But if you sell designs on glass and have ever tried to take a decent picture of that you KNOW how hard it is.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people taking pictures of glass in front of black backgrounds (which makes it easier to read, but looks kinda depressing), or stuffing tissue paper inside their glass mug in hopes that customers can see the design, or straight up taking shiny reflective, awful photos because that’s the only option they know about.

Not to mention you have to actually CREATE THE PRODUCT (and sometimes it just says “your name here” so that’s a total waste of materials and time.)

There’s a better way!! Mockups are the answer my friend, and this course was built for you.

The course and goodies are worth more than $2000, but you can snag it for a steal….

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Sarah Guilliot
Sarah Guilliot

Course Lessons:

Module 8: Bonus Goodies & Videos
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