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For vinyl decal & etching artists (includes courses, stock library, group)

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Join the Sarah Design Membership and get all current courses and every new course that gets added! Plus, a private Facebook community where you can interact with each other and me.

Currently the lineup includes:

  • Photoshop Mockup Mastery
  • Mockup Social
  • Styled Stock Photo/Mockup Library
  • Support in a private Facebook group

More about the membership:

This membership is perfect for vinyl decal artists, glass etching shops, and dye sublimation businesses who want to sell more of their custom products. I teach you how to create polished, professional, and compelling product images for your online storefront, and harness the power of mockups so image creation is fast and easy. It's a living group where I will be regularly adding new content based on your needs (mockups, stock photos, tutorials, courses), providing encouragement and guidance, and fostering a community of online businesses who want to up-level their online presence through beautiful graphics that they make themselves.

There will always be an emphasis on simplicity, and systems so you can get your stuff done SUPER fast.

Need to show off your vinyl decal mugs or etched wine glasses and have no money (or time!) for a photographer? Stop feeling blocked - I'll teach you how to whip up these images all by yourself using mockups in Photoshop (or even in Silhouette Studio or Canva)! Things like...

  • Social media graphics
  • Banners
  • Mockups
  • Wine glasses, tumblers, mugs, mason jars (shiny stuff that's hard to photograph) -- all without having to stuff a wad of black tissue paper inside just to make your design visible. We've all been there, right? LOL
  • You'll have all the tools you need to create these yourself with ease. Plus, I'll be there in the community to answer questions when you get stuck.

Tailored to you:

As the membership progresses I'll be adding course units based on your input, custom-built for you as you grow your business. Topics might include things like Canva for Beginners, Photoshop 101, Design for Bloggers, Social Media Graphics for Beginners, Illustrator 101, etc….

I have more than 15 years experience as a professional designer and I want to bring that expertise to you in a more personal and meaningful and intentional way. Join me and let’s get started!


Do you drip your courses or do I get all the lessons right away?

  • You get access to all the included courses immediately upon entry. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to join the community group, and you can request access to that. I'll approve asap!

How long will I have access to the courses and membership?

  • You will have access for as long as the program continues to run :-)

What is your refund/cancelation policy?

  • Due to the digital nature of this program, there are no refunds. You can however cancel at any time.

Sarah Design Academy Monthly Membership Bundle includes these courses

Mockup Social
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Photoshop Mockup Mastery
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Styled Stock Library
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